Short Hair Color Trends 2022

Are you the type that feels inferior among peers because of your short hair? You probably even hate your hair because it never reaches your back. Hair is a natural gift that is to be cherished. You can do wonders with your short hair, which will make you stand out everywhere. Styling your hair to your liking and then applying permanent or semi-permanent dyes are one of many ways. However, there are things to put into consideration before choosing the perfect dye.

This article will give you the colors that trend for short hair in 2022, including things to put into consideration and some frequently asked questions.

Below are the colors that trend for short hair in 2022;


Auburn is a reddish-brown hue that matches different skin tones and eye colors, but is perfect for those with dark skin and green-hazel eyes– this is because brown and green are opposite each other on the color wheel. The color ranges from medium to darker ones and has different varieties.


Burgundy is a reddish-purple color that makes you unique and noticeable among the crowd of people. The color goes with various hair textures allowing you to style your short hair in your accordance. It ranges from deep-colored ones to lighter ones. You can choose to go for a burgundy that is as maroon as wine or the one that takes the shade of purple. However, the level of maintenance of the deeper ones is much more affordable compared to the lighter tones.

Platinum Blonde.

Platinum is a very light color, but adding a blonde to the already light platinum reduces its brightness to a cooler shade like ash and silver. The color gives you a goosey look. Although doesn’t fit all skin tones, it is perfect for those with pale and light complexions; fantastic on any eye color but matches brown and blue eye color the most. The maintenance level is high because it requires bleaching the hair, risking its damage. It is advisable to go for touch-ups every four to six weeks to prevent future damage.

Highlights and Babylights.

Highlights and Babylights involve selecting a portion of your hair and dying it with other hues lighter than your natural hair. Although, in Babylights more portion of the hair is selected to create a perfect mix. The selected hair in highlights is dyed three shades lighter than the natural hair to avoid much difference. Both are low-maintenance and give you a variety of colors to pick from. Imagine having a blonde or a red highlight on your brown hair or a blue one on your black hair. You can also go for full or partial highlights.


Omré is like a gradation in which your dark hair is lightened towards its bottom or blends from one color to another toward its end. The most interesting part is that you can concentrate the light at the root and the darker shades at the ends. And just like highlights and babylights, it gives the hair a sun-kissed effect. You can also choose to go for a one color omré such as a blonde, a red or a blue omré hair or a mixed color omré hair such as platinum to pink omré hair, a brown to caramel omré, a silver to ash omré and the likes.


Balayage is a lot similar to highlights, but in balayage, a random portion of the hair is selected and then dyed with a lightening color. Highlights sometimes use foils to ensure the perfect mix of the color, but the dye will be hand-painted on your hair in balayage. The dye is also placed much closer to the root of the hair in highlights than in balayage. The best part is you can combine both omré and balayage to get the perfect look you wanted. Balayage hairs include; golden peach balayage, charcoal black, black and ashy grey balayage, and so on.

Rainbow and the Cotton Candy Hair Color.

Rainbow and cotton candy are perfect for those that love lively colors. Imagine how you will be the center of attention if you attend an event while dying your hair with all the colors in the rainbow or mixing the cotton candy colors– blue and pink. You can even choose to keep the root of your hair darker, but you must the extra careful because the shades fade faster, and require a lot of maintenance and bleaching to lighten your dark hair.

Casual Grey.

People consider grey hair as a symbol of old age, which is why women struggle to keep at it. A true grey hue is a mixture is black and white. The color also ranges from lighter tones to deep-colored ones. You can choose to go for a color like ashy grey or a lighter one, but remember that latter requires a lot of maintenance.

Sea Green.

There are varieties of green out there, which ranges from neon green to dark forest green. But, they require more upkeep, washing your hair with cold water and colored shampoo. However, sea green is different as you do not need to even lighten your hair too much to achieve it.

Shiny Black.

Black is a neutral color that matches all skin tones and eye color and on top, requires a low level of maintenance.

Things To Put Into Consideration When Choosing A Color For Your Hair.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone helps you determine whether to go for a warm or a cool color. If your vein is bluish under your skin– cool toned, but if it is greenish– warm toned, and if it is a mixture of both– neutral. Always choose a color that contrasts your skin color.

Hair Texture and Porosity

Your hair texture refers to its level of thickness while its porosity refers to how easily it absorbs moisture. If your hair floats after washing– low porosity, which will make it hard to absorb and retain colors. But, if your hair sinks after washing– high porosity, which makes it easier to absorb and retain colors.


Bright colors usually have a very high level of maintenance, unlike cool colors.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I do before dying my hair?

Before your appointment or DIY, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo before messaging your scalp with oil, which makes it easier during the coloring. Also, note that if you are going for a warm color you have to do the dying more than once.

What should I do after dying it?

To retain the color and prevent it from seeping out, wait 2 days after the dyeing before washing with cold water and color-depositing shampoo. And do not wash frequently.

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