How To Make Your Shopping More Exciting And Fun Online During This Covid-19 period

We are in the age of advanced technology where web technology have giving us the ability and freedom to shop our favorite products from the comfort of our home.

However we face a lot of challenges with online shopping. From our research 70% of online shoppers complained that they sometimes get low quality of what they see online, which have bought about some innovations which see some vendors and e-commerce website now practicing payment on delivery method.

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While this innovation favored majority of online consumers, it doesn’t favor the online vendors and e-commerce website so much. From our research 80% of online vendors complained about consumers not showing up when they deliver their items to there destination, which they end up losing money paying for delivery fee for the products the consumers didn’t bother to get, a lot of online vendors complained about how consumers don’t pick their calls in this type of circumstances

Now how do you solve this problem? in this modern age and with the covid-19 still not fully gone, we all need a safe Website or App where we can shop from without worrying about anything.

While we have some top e-commerce websites like Amazon, Jumia, Aliexpress, Konga, Alibaba which provides a very good services for their customers making them a reliable online marketplace to shop from. we would still agree that we have consumers that have bought low quality of the items they ordered for on this platforms as well. while this cannot be avoided due to some reasons, but at least we at Sabadon believes cases like this should happen once in a blue moon, which means the occurrence of you buying a low quality items online should be very minimal.

Which is why we created this website, we wanted to make sure online consumers shop their favorite products without fear from their favorite e-commerce website, brands and verified vendors.

At Sabadon we partnered as an affiliate with Top E-commerce website like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay and some verified vendors to provide you the best products on their platform.

Despite the fact that we are rewarded with a little commission when you buy this products from our store, these doesn’t affect what we put on our website and how we review this products to our users.

We are paramount about improving the shopping experience of online buyers, we have Amazon store, Aliexpress store, Jumia store, Konga store which includes the best reviewed products in all categories from this mentioned websites.

We also have the Sabadon Cosmetics Store where we sell cosmetics products through our whatsapp business catalogue. we have as well the Sabadon Global Store where we dropship the best products on Alibaba to our users all over the world.

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Our website can be used all over the world, in Countries like USA, France and so one can still use our website to check for their quality favorite products. Other country users can buy from our Aliexpress store and also on Sabadon Global store as that will be shipped directly from the seller to your destination.

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