How To Shop On AliExpress And Why Everyone Uses AliExpress Globally

First of all, what is Aliexpress all about, Aliexpress is a china large E-commerce platform where consumers can buy their favorite products at a cheap price and with even a reasonable shipping fee. so next time when you wonder why people shop on AliExpress, always know people love free/cheap things Lol.

While Aliexpress is not free, but considering the price and the quality of items, it is almost seen as free compared to most people country e-commerce platform as most of these items are sold directly by the manufacturers themselves. Despite the interesting stuff Aliexpress platform does to every online shoppers enabling them to shop quality for less, it is still a known fact that there are some unreliable suppliers that sell low quality items or even don’t deliver what you ordered for.

Even though Aliexpress have what we called buyer protection policy, you still need to write a dispute against the seller to be able to get a refund back and can be a bit stressful sometimes. while this is a good initiatives to help people shop freely on the platform, you can still skip through that stress by shopping on website like shopzilla and sabadon who provide you with carefully selected quality products from different Top E-commerce website and verified vendors.

Website like sabadon and shopzilla helps to find quality items for you. you can check through their product category or subscribe to their mailing list and whatsapp list.

Now How Do You Shop Directly From Aliexpress?

Shopping from Aliexpress is easy and straightforward, click on the item you want to buy, read about the details of the item if it’s really what you want, then click on the buy now button. you will be taken to the order page where you can choose product variations like sizes, colors, and so on. then after that you fill in your address and the postal code of the nearest post office to your house address. this part is very important as that is where your items will be delivered to, so it’s important to fill it right. if you need help with postal code, you can check the nearest post office close to your address on google, or send a message to us on our official WhatsApp to help you out.9

The default settings of Aliexpress currency are in US Dollars but you can change it to your country’s currency in the settings. After you are done filling out the necessary options, you can now proceed to check out where you can input your card details and make payment for your order to be processed.

Most Aliexpress products take a while to reach your country. the average time is two weeks to two months. but you can always see the estimated delivery time under the products you want to purchase before going further.

As you can see shopping on Aliexpress is very easy, but one needs to be careful of fake and irresponsible vendors. That is why Sabadon helps in uploading the best products with great user reviews and also helps in sourcing the best product you need from the best seller for you. surf our Aliexpress store to see some of the best products to buy from Aliexpress

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