How To Clean An IPhone Charging Port

Did you know that the charging point of an iPhone can last for five years? Unfortunately, this is not often the case because iPhone owners do not take good care of their charging ports.

 If you are here, it can only mean that your charging port is so dirty that its charging is unstable, among other problems. However, panic is unnecessary because you can clean a charging port yourself without taking it to a professional.

Considering the presence of the fragile components that make up the charging port, cleaning is a daunting task, so the most crucial skill needed when cleaning a  port is patience. 

Tools Used in Cleaning The Charging Port

  • Wooden or Plastic Toothpicks 
  • A Source of Light, e.g., Flashlight, Lamp
  • Canned Compressed air
  • Toothbrush
  • Cloth, Paper towel, or Cotton to wipe the dirt off the toothpick and toothbrush 

 How To Clean an iPhone Charging Port

1. Switch off Your Phone

The first thing you have to do is turn your phone off so you’ll be able to focus while cleaning and not click on anything you don’t want to on your phone. It should also be switched off to avoid shock as the iPhone is an electronic device. There are different iPhones with different ways to turn them off.

You can easily go to the Settings App and click on “General,” then “Shut Down.” You can also hold and press the side buttons, top buttons, and volume(up and down) buttons till the power off icon appears. It depends on the type of iPhone, though.

2. Remove Your Phone Case If Any

If you have a case for your phone, you should remove it before the cleaning begins. If you do not remove it, it might hinder the cleaning process. 

3. Use A Toothbrush To Analyze The Accumulated Dirt And Dust

The amassed dirts and dust can be accessible with the help of a toothbrush’s bristles.  The toothbrush’s bristles helps you  scrape the dirt to the surface.

Although an anti-static toothbrush is better, you can use a clean, brand-new toothbrush. While doing this make sure to use a flashlight or lamp. Also ensure that there are no liquid or any wet materials around you.

4. Use A Wooden Toothbrush (toothpick)

If there is still dirt in the port, then use your wooden toothbrush. Put the toothpick gently into the space between the front and back (center) walls;  This is to avoid damage to the fragile parts of the port.

With little or no pressure, move the toothpick gently along the inner walls to scoop the dirt off. Remove the toothpick, and clean it with a piece of cotton or rag. Then, use the opposite end of the toothpick or  a new one 

5. Use Compressed Air 

If the port is still dirty, you should use compressed air. While using this, ensure it’s erect so it will only blast air and not discharge liquid. The can should be a few inches away from the port when you’re using it. Use the toothpick again to clean the remaining debris

6. Repeat The Cycle 

Repeat the cycle until the charging port is free from dirt and you’re satisfied with your result. Once the port is clean, insert the charger into the port. If it charges, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, take your iPhone to the nearest repair center.

Precautions to Take While Cleaning The Charging Port

When cleaning the charging port, you must take some precautions to avoid doing more harm than good and spoiling the charging port.

 The toothpick might break into the port, and the toothbrush’s bristles might get stuck there, so do not apply pressure while cleaning. 

Furthermore, avoid using any metal objects and wet substances for cleaning. Even though blowing air into the port with your mouth might seem smart, you should not try this because you might mistakenly spit into the port. 

Most importantly, do not rush, be very careful and patient. Cleaning a charging port involves using tiny objects to clean a space filled with delicate components; you must take these precautions very seriously so you will not damage your phone further 

Effects of Not Cleaning a Charging Port

So many things could go wrong with your iPhone if you refrain from cleaning your charging point regularly. One of the things that could go wrong with your phone is its battery because of the erratic charging.

This is because the port will be loose, and your charger will not be able to fit in the port. In addition, you’ll not be able to connect your phone to your laptop because of the faulty charging port. 

Moreover, Your charger will also be at risk, as constant jamming into the port will transfer the dirt from the port to the charger and damage it sooner or later. 

In the long run, the dirt will enter the internal components of the phone through the charging port, tamper with the iPhone’s system and eventually spoil the phone

How Does The Charging Port Get Dirty?

In this digital world, your phones are your constant companions; hence the pollution you face daily also affects your phones. The dirt, dust, and debris in the environment, in your bags, purses, clothes, and pockets, make your phone and its crevices dirty. 

Also, dirt and dust can be transferred from dirty hands and chargers into the phone. 

Preventive Measures to Ensure The Charging Ports Do Not Get Dirty in The Future

Admittedly, cleaning a port is strenuous; it will be better to know what you can do to prevent the recurrence of a dirty charging port. First of all, ensure the cleanliness of your phone; it would help if you got a case or a pouch for your phone that covers your charging port.

Be sure to clean out your pockets, purses, and bags before leaving your phone in them. Avoid using your phone in a dusty, dirty atmosphere, and do not place it on a dirty surface. 

It’s also important to care for your charger too; clean it before insertion(do not use anything wet), do not lend others your charger, and do not collect someone else’s charger too. You can also get a magnetic charger.

In addition to this, wash and dry your hands before using your phone.

A charging port free from dust, dirt, and debris is a healthy phone. Cleaning the charging port of an iPhone is a time-consuming task that requires patience and cautiousness. Still, it’s a job that needs to be done.

 Furthermore, learning the procedures involved in cleaning a charging port, its causes, tools used, and the effects of not cleaning a port.

In addition, you can also prolong the durability of your iPhone and charger and, most importantly, save money. 

Ensure to implement these protections daily to avoid accumulating debris, dirt, and dust. Remember that you can not survive without your cell phone in this digital world. So, make sure you stick to the rules above. 

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