Best Moisturizer To Use During The Day

A lot of people would prefer to use a lightening cream during the day, however, it’s best to use an ordinary moisturizer. it’s, even more, better to use a moisturizer that contains a decent amount of SPF.

In this article, we will list out some of the best moisturizers to use and why.


Nivea moisturizers are one of the best moisturizers to use. they have various lotions for different kinds of skin and complexion. for someone who is not exposed to sunlight or prefers to use their cream only at night, they can go for Nivea lotions for fair complexions, for instance, Nivea natural fairness and the likes.

However, Nivea lightening lotions are not the best in lightening the skin compared to other lightening cream manufacturers. the best Nivea moisturizer to use during the day would be the ones that contain enough SPF to protect your skin during the day.

If you are not the type that is exposed to sunlight you can go for the ones who will suit your skin better from Nivea cocoa butter to Nivea natural fairness and so on. You can check out all Nivea products HERE.


Cerave products are one of the most used cosmetics brands both abroad and in Nigeria, they have various skincare products, ranging from cerave face cream, cerave body lotion, and also a special cream for extremely dry face and also for eczema-prone skin.

cerave lotions moisturize and glow the skin so well but are more suitable for people who are not exposed to sunlight, as it doesn’t contain much SPF. You can check out all cerave products HERE.


Stives are a top brand and they produce some of the best body moisturizers, shower gels, face, and body scrub among others.

Stives moisturizers are more suitable for people with dry skins as they moisturize so well and also contain a decent amount of SPF to shield your skin from the danger of the sun. You can check out all Stives products HERE.


Bismid cosmetics are known for their effective lightening creams, however, they make very good moisturizers as well. Bismid moisturizers are one of the best for glowing the skin.

From bismid shea glow to bismid butter glow to bismid luminous moisturizer and also bismid moisture repair cream and so on. Bismid body moisturizer glows better than the rest and is more suitable for people that are not exposed to sunlight as they don’t contain a decent amount of SPF. You can check out all Bismid Cosmetics products HERE

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