11 Best Pink Lips Creams/Balms In Nigeria

A pair of stunning and healthy lips is what is noticed when you break out that smile that draws people’s attention to your face, if they are parched, chapped, or pale they won’t give you a good look. That is why you need a good and nourishing pink lip cream. Lip balm helps you brighten, soften, moisturize, protect them from harmful UV rays and also give them your desired color.  It is better to use lip balm than scratching lips to make them pink. So if you are in search of a pink lips cream we’ve got you covered. We have taken our time to search through the online store for the best pink lip cream in Nigeria right now that would give you that desired pink and attractive lips you have always longed for. 

We will also be giving you the complete guide on how to apply your pink lip balm and how you can get the best out of pink lip balms. Check out the list of our selected pink lip balms and make your choice.

1. Nivea Lip Balm

Give your lips that pinkish shine with this unique formula enriched with shimmery pigment from Nivea. This lip balm is a new melt-in formula that protects and pampers the lips, enabling you to enjoy healthy-looking lips. Make your lips soft, fresh, disposable, fruity, and shimmering with this lip I’m that keeps your lips moisturized for 24hrs. It is dermatological and clinically tested. Be careful to buy the one for your gender. Be also careful to buy the strawberry variant for that desired pink lips.


2. Vaseline Lip balm

Vaseline lip balm is a soft pink lips formula that is formulated with petroleum jelly to give you soft and beautiful lips. It is also a lip therapy that helps to heal dry, chapped, and dark lips by locking in moisture and making them soft and shiny. It also helps keep your lips hydrated will along. It is suitable for all skin types.


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3. Bio Aqua Pink Silky Cream

This a one of the best-selling pink lip balms that are reliable. It is made of natural cherry blossom extract. It helps curtail melanin, moisturize your lips to make them pink and soft. It doesn’t just work for the lips alone it can be used armpits, Virginal, and even the nipple of your breast. If you are a woman just know that you’ve got more advantages when you buy this cream.


4. IPHIES Unisex IPHIES Permanent Pink Lips

This is a cream made from fruits and it works naturally on the lips. It has positive reviews from previous buyer on the online store. It is called magic cream because it is super active. With this cream you’ll get result after three day. It’s for both male and female.


5. Celebrity Pink Lips Cream

This is another magic cream for the lips. It boosts moisture and smoother the lips after giving it that desired pink color you have always wanted. It lasts long on the lips and keeps your lips moisturized all day. You are meant to get results within 2-3 days of use.


6. Pei Mei Pink Essence

 This is a promising cream for your lips. It is made up of ingredient from plant extract and tender pink nutrient. It works on both the lips and virgin by eliminating any darkness on them. It modifies rough and dull and black lips making them pink and smooth. It is safe for use with no side effect. Apply on the lips or the virgin after bath.


7. Aishali Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Lip Balm

The Aishali Aloe vera soothing Lip Gel is formulated from aloe overs extract. It gives your lip that natural pink and smooth look. It moisturizes and softens the lips for hours with one application. It is an affordable and active cream.


8. Luxury Pink Lips Cream

This is a promising lips nourishing cream. It gives the lips that healthy look it deserves. It is very active and effective. It can also be used as lip therapy.


9. Allen Allen Pink Lips Cream

This is a promising cream that will give you the pink and attractive lips you desire. It is made from essential ingredients from fruits. It is said to work effectively with no side effects. You’ll get a positive result on your lips within 7 days of use.


10. Generic pink Lips Cream

The generic pink lips cream model with no side effects is another essential pink lips cream for your lips. It is a lip-friendly lip balm for all types of lip.


11. Aichun Beauty Lip Balm

Aichun beauty lip balm is a lip moisturizer for special lip treatment and beautification. It is produced from strawberry extract and can be used alone or with a color lipstick. It helps keep the lips soft nourished and beautiful.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lip Balm.

If you cannot keep to the 3-5 times a day routine you can always wear your pink lip balm after every bath and get a positive outcome. Apply a good quantity on your lips when you want to apply. If you notice any side effects please discontinue that particular cream.

If you to get the most out of your lip balm firstly you Should buy a good lip balm that would yield positive results without side effects. Then use them at least 3-5 times a day. Doing this would keep them moisturized and hydrated always.

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How To Apply to A Lip Balm

Applying pink lip balm may seem quite easy but there are some steps you can take when applying pink lip balm.

1. Uncap The Cover Of The Lip Balm

These lip balms are always either in a container or tube. Do you have a tube lip balm? Just put up the lip balm to half a centimeter of the tube. Then if it’s the container you possess you can use your finger to take out a good quantity on your finger. Make sure your hands are well washed or sanitized before using your lip balms

2. Rub On The Lower And Upper Lips

After uncaping and taking out the the balm out of the container or tube, apply it a good quantity on your lower and your upper lips. Make sure you do this care fully so as to circumvert rough application.

3. Rub Lips Together

Rub your up and bottom lips together to rightly distribute the lip balm throughout your entire lips

4. Use A Mirror

You should use a mirror while applying the lip balm to avoid mistakes.


Although healthy diets play an essential role in keeping the lips supple and moist, also know that your lips needs to always look beautiful, this is why the pink lips cream is essential. If you are a tobacco user or a smoker or you are always exposed to UV rays From The sun you should get a good pink lips cream for your lips.

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