What Are The Most Popular Christmas Decorations?

Christmas decorations for decades have been an important part of the holiday period. It doesn’t only give joy decorating but brings out our creativity. It is also shown by records that an average individual spends $70 or more on decorations doing Christmas period and this also means great business for those into Christmas decorations.

In this article we’ve outlined some popular Christmas decorations you should check out for and also use them for your decorations this festive period


While your first thought might be of how to decorate your interior space, you should also give the exterior much attention. Wreaths are used to decorate front door and to give your guest a warm welcome. Wreaths comes in a range of types, shape, choices of both live and artificial makes for you to choose from.

Places to use wreaths

Apart from the front door where Christmas wreaths are placed mostly, you can also place it at the window mantel, the dinning room, bedroom, living room and kitchen.


Christmas candles gives light that represents the stars of Bethlehem, guiding the magi to the manger where baby Jesus was born. There are so many colors ,types of candles that top the magic of the Christmas season.

Places to use candles

You can place your candles at your mantel, dinning table and living room .

Christmas Garland

A garland is a simple wreath in a straight ring or chain form. Reminds Christians of the Salvation and redemption of Jesus. It comes along with a range of natural or artificial designs featuring twinkling lights, beautiful artificial flowers, leaves and fruits constructed to form a ring.

Places to use garland

It’s perfect for decorating stars, fireplace, doors and windows


Ribbons are also an important adornment of Christmas decorations, with different colors, designs to complement your holiday decorations. Ribbons can be used to make wreaths and beautify garlands too.

Places To Use Ribbons

you can decorate you Christmas trees with it, rap up or beautify gifts and make ribbon like wreaths for your front door..

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here you have a lot of choices . Get into the holiday spirit with different forms of ornament, decorate your trees with Christmas balls or bubbles, novelty ornaments, wooden shaped ornaments , DIY ornaments. They can be made of metals, glass and plastic.

Places To Use Ornaments

it’s used in making up wreaths, swags. You can hang it up on the window, display on window frames, fill a vase with ornament balls of different colours like red and gold .

Candy Canes

This would make a nice center piece when you get creative with this sweet. Try your hands at making a playful holiday wreath covered under candy. You can also use it to make candy cane vase for putting flowers, candy sleds , place card holders, door swags and even garland or wreaths.


It’s an iconic symbol of Christmas usually comes with pot covered in green, gold foil paper or red, with flowers and bright green leaves. Usually placed at the foot of the Christmas tree , staircase or door.
Keep it beautiful through the entire season.


Ropes are brilliant idea , with features for both interior and exterior decorations. It is used for making Christmas lights , decorative ropes with ribbons for trees, for wreaths, decorating candle holders or making a Christmas rope lader.

Christmas lights

Lights add festive sparkles from to front doors, home exterior, not exempting establishments and also for interior decorations with your Christmas light.

Places to use Christmas lights

you can turn your trees both indoors and outdoors into a fairy forest , light up wreaths, swags or garlands with strings of fairy lights. Make light jars and star lanterns.

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