Top 10 Bismid Whitening Cream

We are in the age where lightening/whitening creams are rampant as everyone wants to brighten their skin and glow up, however, it’s important to take note of the lightening creams we use.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best 10 whitening/lightening creams from a reputable cosmetics brand used by many in Nigeria and abroad known as bismid cosmetics. there are different reasons while people use lightening creams, some to tone up a bit, some to be very fair, while some just use for glowing and brightening their dull skin.

Here are our list of the top 10 Bismid whitening cream

1. Bismid Megablast Cream

The bismid exclusive whitening megablast cream is bismid cosmetics highest lightening cream which is only meant for a light-skinned person who has very tough skin or someone that creams rarely have an effect on their skin and also for someone who wants a fast action lightening cream and then stops when they attain their wanted color.

If you are the type who needs cream to moisturize your body every day, we are sorry to tell you that the bismid exclusive megablast cream is not for you. when using the exclusive megablast cream, it’s advisable to use a mild lightning bath along with it.

2. Bismid Egyptian Halfcast Lotion.

This is one of bismid cosmetics best sellers and it’s also similar to the megablast cream in terms of effectiveness, only that it’s a bit lower in strength, but it gets the job done well.

A lot of people are attracted to it because of its beautiful and whitish attractive package but it’s indeed the lightening effects of the cream that makes it astounding among the rest. the bismid Egyptian half-cast lotion is a lotion for light-skinned people and it’s advisable only to be used at night. it’s also advisable to use this body cream along with a mild lighting bath.

3. Bismid Egyptian Magic White Lotion

The Bismid Egyptian magic white is a strong whitening lotion as well which lightens the skin very fast and can be used as an alternative to the bismid Egyptian half-cast lotion.

it’s a powerful anti-aging whitening lotion that contains vitamin c, kojic acid, licorice extracts, alpha arbutin, and bearberry. it helps to disperse melanin pigment to whiten age spots, remove brown spots and leave the skin radiantly glowing and more youthful.

4. Exclusive Super Whitening Cream

The Exclusive super whitening cream comes after the bismid Egyptian magic white in terms of effectiveness. this cream is one bismid customer favorite, as it lightens the skin so well, it gives up to 2-3 shades, and it’s not harsh at all. our research shows that women above age 40 who want to lighten up love this bismid cream so much.

5. Bismid Kojic+Glutathione Cream

The Bismid Kojic+Glutathione body cream is a favorite of young girls that want to lighten up to 2 shades and also women above the age of 40 love this cream as it doesn’t only lighten so well, but also gives radiant glowing skin.

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6. Bismid 5k cream

The Bismid 5K cream has a fast-lightening effect, it whitens the body within a week of use when the body is scrubbed regularly. it’s advisable to use a mild lighting bath.

7. Bismid Skin Whitening Polishing Lotion

The Skin whitening polishing lotion is a strong lightening cream, the nice thing about this cream is that it doesn’t only lighten the skin but also glows the skin very well as well. this lotion is good for someone that wants to tone up and glow or for a light-skinned individual that just wants to maintain his or her complexion.

8. Bismid Multi Action Cream

The Bismid multi-action cream is a good lightening cream that isn’t harsh at all, any light-skinned person can use it. it contains anti-aging elements which keep your skin looking young and bright every time.

9. Bismid Whitening Butter Glow

The Bismid whitening butter glow is a cream for a strong caramel complexion, it’s a mild lightening cream, it contains 50% shea butter and 50% whitening substances.

This feature shows that the Bismid whitening butter glow can lighten the skin and also glows the skin very well as it contains a decent amount of shea butter. as a caramel skin complexion individual, you can limit your usage of this cream if you feel you have brightened up enough.

10. Bismid Fast Action Glow

The Bismid fast action glow is a mild lightening cream, it glows more than it tones which makes it an ideal cream for someone with caramel skin. if you want to achieve the hot chocolate/caramel skin complexion, this particular bismid body cream is for you.

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