How Businesses and Brands can use sabadon.com to build and showcase their products and services to the world.

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Showcasing your business to the world

Getting more visibility for your business/brand

Main Purpose of Sabadon

Sabadon.com is built with the sole aim of making communication between sellers and buyers extremely easy. which then reduces the risk of getting and paying for a bad products or services on the internet as you can be sure of what you getting before paying unlike the regular e-commerce website.

Vendors can take and process orders on their own terms

Each businesses and brands can take and process orders as they see fit, which means they are in charge of how they deliver their products to their customers.

Search for your favorite brand and product

Online shoppers are spoilt with the choice to search for their favorite brands and products to see the latest products and services their favorite brand renders.

How to get your products or services on sabadon.com

Now the question you must be asking is how do you get your products or services on sabadon to improve your brand/business visibility on google and social media platforms. sabadon.com is a free platform to use.

All you need to do is join the sabadon vendors club on whatsapp to stay updated with our latest business development.

After joining the sabadon vendors club on whatsapp. a message will be sent to you about all you needed to get started.

You don't need to buy expensive domain and hosting.

With Sabadon you don’t need to buy expensive domain and hosting. we help to create a personal store for your business and brand where people can learn more about your products/services and can send you a message directly on your whatsapp if they are interested.

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