GOODGLAS Double-Wall Glass Snowman and Christmas Tree Bundle Set – creative design enclosed within the inner layer


  • HOLIDAY BUNDLE SET – Warm up for the winter holidays with this set of 2 double wall drinking glassware! This bundle set features a handcrafted Snowman (5.0 oz) and a Christmas Tree (6.7 oz) as inner designs. When not drinking your favorite hot beverage, turn the glass upside down and watch as the snow inside fall down!
  • SEAMLESS DOUBLE WALL – The double wall layer of the glass protects the inner design from being exposed to your drink and to the outside air, creating a long-lasting and fine piece of glassware. The glass is also completely seamless, so that it feels comfortable and natural to hold. Great for entertaining guests, personal enjoyment, and special occasions.
  • WELL CHILLED, WELL HEATED – Keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! The two walls create a heat-resistant layer, allowing you to preserve and insulate beverages at just the ideal temperature. Hold a hot beverage without burning your fingers, and prevent condensation from forming on your chilled beverages.
  • HANDCRAFTED DRINKWARE – Each glass is handcrafted and made from chemistry-grade borosilicate glass, a material that is stronger than regular glass and resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock. The result is a quality piece of glass with a clear display and enduring sheen.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS – Hand wash only, using neutral detergent with sponge or soft cleaning material as needed. WARNING – Do not put in microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, or oven.