Jumia Prime And It’s Benefits

Do you love shopping on jumia? If yes, then you should consider subscribing to the jumia prime. Shopping on Jumia has been made easy with the Jumia prime. Jumia prime gives you the relief to conserve more money and time from delivery and discount on your favorite products.

Jumia prime offers you so many benefits, that is if you love shopping on the jumia online store. Discover some of the benefits of the Prime subscription.

Benefits of Jumia Prime

 Free delivery

 If you are a regular online shopper then the jumia prime will be very useful for you. After subscribing to any of the plans, you enjoy free delivery, not just free but fast delivery. Although this delivery doesn’t include bulky products like large home or office furniture, kitchen appliances, air-conditional unit, and sound systems.

It helps you save a lot of money

Yes, you’ll save a lot of money. Imagine being a steady online shopper, you’ll discover that when you sum up your shipping fees for a while, it will be enormous. But as a prime member, you’ll enjoy free delivery In all local, tech, fashion items and also jumia foods. You also don’t save money from free delivery alone, but as Jumia Prime members get early access to exclusive deals.

Enjoy Unbelievable Discount And Prime Promo Sales

 As a member of jumia prime, you enjoy and discount on your favorite products, Not just discounts but special discounts. You also participate in prime promo sales, which can only be redeemed by 3 pm. You also get discounts and deals on Jumia early.

You Enjoy Premium Customer Service

 As a prime member, you tend to enjoy an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic service activities to comprise a more personalized and customized approach that creates a customer-centric business atmosphere.

Jumia Offers You Free IROKOTV Subscription

 When you subscribe to any of the plans, You’ll be sent a coupon via email to enjoy a free IrokoTV plan once your. This applies to 3, 6, and 12-month Jumia Prime members.

How To Subscribe

 After knowing the benefits of the jumia prime, The next question will be ” how do I subscribe?”

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The jumia prime subscription is available for only Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja.

The subscriptions are as follows

Lagos customers

  • One-month plan – ₦2,999
  • Three-month plan – ₦3,999
  • Six-month plan – ₦5,999
  • Twelve-month plan – ₦10,999

Ibadan and Abuja customers

  • One-month plan – ₦2,999
  • Three-month plan – ₦4,999
  • Six-month plan – ₦7,999
  • Twelve-month plan -₦12,999

Click here to see the terms and conditions

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